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Zonora Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Zonora Technologies  Pvt. Ltd  is a leading player in the world of solitaire card games for windows with 640 games and 9 packages. We have clients in about 33 countries with major share from USA and Europe. Based in Kochi, India, Zonora Technologies is the publisher of popular card games Solgames 2004, Freecell 2003, My Solitaire, Klondike Collection, Spider Collection, Freecell Collection, My Freecell, My Klondike and My Spider

Zonora Technologies has been profitably providing solitaire games on the internet since 1998. Our products have been reviewed and top rated by all major shareware sites.  

In addition to card games development Zonora also offers web based solutions, application development and Embedded systems development. 

Zonora Technologies also offers Internet based Solutions, Software Consultancy, Client-Server Computing, Product Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Embedded & Real Time Systems and Application Development.

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 Freecell 2003 Enhanced Freecell Game

Spider Collection 62 Spider Games

SolGames 2004 350 Solitaire Games

 Freecell Collection 62 Freecell Games

My Freecell Freecell Game Studio

My Solitaire 100 Solitaire Games

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